Wherever you live twilight is a magical time. In large cities, where I take photos, twilight takes on a life of it’s own. As the sun starts to set, the magic starts. When sky conditions are just right there is a fleeting light show as clouds high above catch the last of the sun’s light bathing the landscape with warm shades of yellow, orange and red. Street and building lights slowly come on, transforming the environment from reflected to luminescent light. The Belt of Venus sweeps across the sky filling it with blues and deep purples. Shadows merge with solid forms. Edges of objects, such as buildings, become lost and indistinct. For a moment, foreground and background become one and all depth of field is lost. Depending on atmospheric conditions, like fog or mist, the scene can become very soft and rich with emotion. As more lights start to shine across the city, luminous colors wash the landscape. On very special nights a full moon rises on the eastern horizon, slowly filling the night sky with moonlight as the sun fades.

Twilight is great theater, a play that has been running a very long time with a new show every night. It is challenging to photographically capture the essence of twilight, but when I do it’s very rewarding and well worth the effort. Twilight will always be my magic time.